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Confidence is a mental state you can develop and is not something you have or do not have.

Check out the three steps to building confidence as a female leader! 

Do those situations let you sleep the nights badly before, give you sweaty palms, and increase your stress level dramatically?

  • The presentation in front of the Board
  • The annual reviews for your team
  • Negotiating a good deal with a challenging customer
  • Holding your ground on a topic which is important to you in a management meeting

Why is that?

  • You doubt yourself
  • You doubt your ability
  • You feel you are not able to do the job or solve the problem

You’d love to radiate so much that aura that captures the conscious attention of everyone around you. You admire confidence in other people, too. How the heads turn when your boss enters a room. How everyone listens without interrupting your colleague. Confidence is magnetic. Confidence creates a vibration that causes your team, your boss, and your customer to trust your expertise and competence. It’s a subconscious thing – they gain the inner knowing and feeling of safety when following your lead.

It’s like you are wearing a coat of superpower because that confident power envelops you and lets you feel like being one with the universe.

Confidence is knowing; it is an inner certainty and absolutely nothing can change it. Nothing and no one can throw you a curve, you are so crystal clear in your attitude and opinion.

It’s less about knowing the facts or having the intellect, it’s about your faith that the things you set out to do will fall into place.

The more you understand yourself and know what makes you tick, the greater your confidence will be. It’s like you are stepping up the ladder of confidence and leaving the programming, the conditioning, the stories you tell yourself, and the fears behind.

Regardless of where you at on that ladder of self-awareness, the following steps will be of benefit to you:

Step 1: Which image are you holding about yourself?

 Your self-image is the key to keeping your confidence needle up. We dream and think in pictures as human beings. And more so often we use our capability of imagination against us. In a colourful way, we paint on our minds what could go wrong and how we humiliate ourselves in a certain situation.

Confidence is an inside job and is determined by what is happening inside of you, which thoughts you think, and which pictures you paint inside your mind. Negative inner pictures and negative talks cause negative feelings and with those vibrations, you’ll attract like a magnet that you don’t want.

However, if you hold in faith the picture of your dream and dream outcome, the image will affect your actions and you’ll attract the positive in your life.

What is the ideal outcome? How do you speak and act as someone who knows failure is not an option by default? Picture how you stand straight, tall and proud in front of the group. See with your inner eye how your boss and colleagues are congratulating you for that idea. Those are the pictures you want to nourish.

=> Train your mind to see the good.

Step 2: Which strengths do you want to foster?

Take pen and paper and look honestly at your strengths and weaknesses and make a list. Like on a balance sheet, write your strengths on one side and your weaknesses on the other. You may even want to turn to people who are well-disposed towards you and ask for contributions to that list.

And now, this may surprise you as we are usually our biggest critic – discard the weaknesses list. Put spotlights on your strengths and direct your efforts and attention to what you are already doing good and become even better at it. Deepen what you enjoy and what you do well. Keep doing it, keep excelling at it, and the more you’ll enjoy it, the more you will have fun. You’ll radiate that positive energy, and your confidence will build up.

=> Several times a day say loud to yourself with conviction: I AM GOOD! I know that I am good! I know why I am good!

Step 3: How can you leave everyone with the impression of increase?

Train your mind to see in all people, what they don’t see in themselves. Begin to treat every person you come in contact with as the most important person in the world, regardless of status and hierarchy in your organization or in your life. Leave everyone with the impression of increase, that they perceive that their day became better and brighter after they have met you. Their speech, actions and results may clearly indicate they don’t like themselves and lack a huge portion of confidence. Love and appreciate them anyway. Look for what they did well and tell them. Show them with appreciation that you noticed it. Don’t be shy of a heartfelt compliment.

Why does this also help you and doesn’t weaken your position at all? It’s based on the concept of the giver’s gain. What you put out comes back.

=> The good you find in others is a reflection of the good that is in yourself. This spurges your confidence level further.

Imagine, suddenly you are confident and you know it! Celebrate it!

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