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Success Mentoring Programs
with Tanja Seiler

Clarity, confidence and tools you need
to fulfill your best potential

Clarify Your Goals

Introduce New Habits

Energize your Life

Invest in your Dreams

What's stopping you from pursuing your dreams?

Unsure what you really want

Being stuck in the grind

Lack of Confidence

Don't know how to start

You deserve to write your own story.
And we can help.

Coaching Services

The Goal Achiever's Roadmap To Success

Create your best life in 2024 and beyond


€ 299   incl. VAT

Clarify your goals

Build desire

Move into action

Join three 2-hour consecutive online workshop.
During the workshop you will:

Learn what real goal setting is about – gaining clarity and tapping into desire

Discover your true passion and purpose to transform how you set goals and go about achieving them

Dig deep into your core to summon energy for full commitment – no more excuses

Create an action plan to implement right away

And one FREE 1:1 coaching session with Tanja Seiler 




The POWER UP! Success System



Benefit from a proven system


Experience a life-changing, transformational program fueled by regular activities and coaching.

Engage with personal guidance


Support and accountability are essential ingredients to your success. We’re here to cheer you on every step of the way.

Thrive in a community of likeminded leaders and entrepreneurs

Join a group of thriving people committed to breaking through, like yourself.

The Power Up! Success System is founded on the premiere coaching program in the world, Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results. This revolutionary program combined with individual and group coaching sessions that focus on your unique needs is the recipe to your success. We’ll work together to clarify and internalize the success you want, align your self-image to your dream goals and put it all into action. I’ll be there to guide you through your journey to help you up your game and stay on course.

Thinking into Results Program – access to the 12-module, online program taught by program founder, Bob Proctor, where you’ll be guided step by step through the process of how you can create personal transition, development and success.

LIVE online calls with Tanja Seiler – your energy is everything – join twice a week a Zoom training and coaching group call of 60-90 minutes and develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the steps you need to take to see the results you really want – with ease and joy!

Recorded Lesson Facilitation – step-by-step guidance from Tanja’s recorded lesson facilitation and additional material & information like literature recommendations, meditations, supporting videos guiding you deeper into the twelve individual lessons.

Masterminding & Networking – for your time in the coaching program, join and connect with your community in a bi-weekly Zoom call, hosted by Tanja.

Access to our clients-only Facebook Group– ask questions, share your thoughts and celebrate successes connecting with likeminded, goal-oriented women.

Open Office Hours – access to Tanja for individual guidance via Telegram Messenger. Weekday 9 am – 5 pm CET.

Are you ready to change your life with the Power Up! Success System?


We offer 2 programs so you can select the option that best fits your needs.
Both programs come with all above benefits plus:

6 Month Group Coaching

€ 8,950 incl. VAT


Workshops, Webinars and Lunch & Learn Sessions – weekly sessions to continue your development through education, guidance and support.


Three 1:1 calls with Success Coach Tanja Seiler– throughout the program, connect directly with Tanja to ensure you’ve got what you need to stay on track.

VIP 4 Month Individual Coaching

€ 13,150 incl. VAT


Weekly 1:1 calls with Success Coach Tanja Seiler- with the VIP program, you fully leverage the Thinking Into Results program at your own pace, fueled by robust, dedicated 1:1 coaching. Your weekly 1:1 calls with Tanja will include discussion on each lesson, tips and exercises to maximize the work, and personal guidance to keep you on track.

Alumni Monthly Mentorship

For Power Up! Success System Graduates

€ 180 incl. VAT / month

Stay focused

Continue to grow

Live your best life

Just because you finished the Power Up! Success System and Thinking Into Results doesn’t mean your journey is over. This is a lifelong journey, and we’re here to help you stay on track for the long run. Remain energized through ongoing mentorship, building community with likeminded women and ongoing learnings.


Our Alumni Monthly Mentorship program includes:

Access to all Power Up! Success System classes – twice-weekly sessions to continue your development through education, guidance, and support.

Access to our clients-only Facebook Community– ask questions, share your thoughts, celebrate successes and connect with like-minded, goal-oriented individuals.

Ready to really keep the party going?
Join our Alumni Mentorship Program with Laser Coaching


€ 499 incl. VAT/month

The Alumni Monthly Mentorship Program with Laser Coaching & Masterminding includes: 

All the benefits from our standard Alumni program above

One private 1:1 Laser Coaching call per month with Tanja

Masterminding & Networking – for your time in the coaching program, join and connect with your community in a bi-weekly Zoom call, hosted by Tanja.

It's time to write... and live your new story.

Learn the Process

Understand how to create long-lasting habits that enable you to support your goals, and take action to achieve them. Get ready to unlock your greatest potential with a tried-and-true, proven system that gets results.

Discover Your Passions

Personal discovery is challenging – but within your reach with the right guidance and tools to get you there. Get ready to start a brand-new chapter full of passion and purpose.

Say Goodbye to Excuses

Personal change starts from within. Dig deep within yourself to lock in your commitment for growth. Trust yourself and trust your decisions as you invest in what matters most- your life.

Your Path to Success

Jump into the driver’s seat and start a new journey.

Schedule a Risk-free Discovery Call

Start your journey by scheduling a complimentary call with  Tanja to discuss your goals and what’s holding you back.

Select the Package that's Right for You

Once we’ve defined your goals, we’ll discuss which package is best suited to helping you achieve a powerful career AND fulfilling personal life.

Power Up your Career, Business & Life

Once you’ve engaged with Tanja, it is time to get to work. Success follows a system, and this system will help you quickly and automatically form the habits that lead to long-term prosperity.

Interested in corporate packages? Schedule a call to talk about how we can help level-up your team, leadership, board or conference.

Life is too short and magnificent to not fulfill your whole potential. You were designed for more.

With Power Up! Success mentoring and coaching programs, your more is within reach.

Life is too short and magnificent to not fulfill your whole potential. You were designed for more.

With Power Up! Success mentoring and coaching programs, your more is within reach.